East Mountain Global

Partnership :: Community :: Leadership Development.  These three themes are at the heart of everything that East Mountain does. Our community in Stellenbosch has over twenty members, hard at work every day to move these themes from aspiration to reality.

In April 2016, we invited leaders from all over the world to visit us in Cape Town and hear how the Lord is at work here, with the invitation for them to pray through what an East Mountain community might look like in their locations.

We had CEOs from America, missionaries from India and East Africa, pillars of the church in East Asia, culturally-savvy leaders from Europe, and a strategic visionary from Latin America join us around the table for dialogue and connection.

For me, the sweetest moment came as we sang Amazing Grace together, gathered around the fire as the wind howled outside. “He came and preached peace to you who were far away and peace to those who were near” (Ephesians 2:17).

I found myself thanking God that no matter where we roam in the world, no matter what language we speak or what part of the globe we call home, we are never outside the loving and sovereign reach of God, who desires good things for us. And certainly it was a good thing to dream together, to dine together, to listen to the Spirit, and to be open to what God is doing in our midst.

Please pray for the members of the EM community here in Stellenbosch as we press on, relentlessly pursuing Partnership, Community, and Leadership Development for the South African church. Please pray for our friends all over the world, as they go back to the work of ministry, that they would feel renewed energy and encouragement. Pray that they would hear God’s voice and discern what is next. Pray that we would all have open hands and attentive hearts.

Thank you for being part of the Lord’s work, in Cape Town and around the world. May you be encouraged that no matter where you and your loved ones roam - physically or spiritually - you are never outside his loving reach.