2017 Hopes & Plans

While every year is a new adventure, full of surprises, here are some things we expect on the horizon in 2017...

Expanded Ministry Roles

  • Jack will be taking on dual roles of Director of Operations & Theological Education.
    • On the Operations side, Jack will assist with implementing the mission and vision, strategic planning, and coordinating event. On the Theological Education side,  Jack will lead a talented team of Bible teachers and facilitators. He will oversee our educational events and curriculum.
  • Loren will lead our storytelling and communications teams and continue mentoring.


  • Jack hopes to finish his Masters thesis on the Hebrew word 'attah ('now') in 2017.


  • We will be in the states for part of 2017, fundraising for our next several years in South Africa. We would love to meet with you and share more about what God is doing in South Africa and how YOU can be a part! Let us know if you are interested. We would love to get together.
  • While in the U.S., we will continue serving in our ministry roles part-time and stay connected to the EM community via Skype, text, phone, etc. We are so thankful for technology that allows us to bridge the distance!


  • While in the U.S.,  we will be seeking medical care for our sweet Micah Mae. She has had a period of slow growth and will be under the care of some excellent nutritionists and doctors at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston to help her overcome this "growth falter." We are thankful our team of doctors remain confident this will not hinder us from returning to South Africa.
  • We are expecting our second child, a baby boy, in early October!! We are so overjoyed and thankful for the blessing of another child. Praise God!