New 2017 Timeline

In our most recent post, we shared that we will conclude this year in the U.S.

Here's what we anticipate our timeline to look like:

July - December

  • Jack will continue working part-time on his thesis, with the goal of completing his masters' degree by the semesters' end.

  • Jack will also continue serving the ministry part-time from Houston. This will include coordinating events, designing Bible curriculum, and having lots of Skype meetings with his team members.

  • We will continue fundraising, with the goal to be fully funded by the end of the year. If you haven't gotten together with us yet, let's get something on the calendar!


Stellenbosch University, where Jack studies and the Ph.D. Summit will be held.

Stellenbosch University, where Jack studies and the Ph.D. Summit will be held.

Jack will be in South Africa for a few weeks!  He is coordinating the East Mountain Ph.D. Summit. This is an exciting new program where pastors & ministry leaders from across the Global South (the non-Western world) will gather for further training and spiritual enrichment. This program is a partnership with Stellenbosch University, the Oxford Centre for Religion & Public Life, and East Mountain, and is focused on increasing theological education in the Global South. Currently, we have participants from 13 different countries, and we are so excited!

Jack is coordinating the logistics for the Ph.D Summit. Please join us is praying for the preparation and the participants. This trip will cost about $3,000; let us know if you would like to be a part.


God willing, we will welcome baby boy and become a family of four! Please pray for good health and good rest during this time.


We will gather all the documents needed to get baby boy's visa. (His social security card, passport, fingerprints, etc.) We'll be assisting with ministry planning for 2018 in South Africa. Also, there's that day we all eat too much turkey.


We will begin the process of renewing our visas which expire at the end of the year. 

We will also enjoy holidays with family, pack, and say our goodbyes.

January 2018

All 4 of us must visit the SA Embassy in Washington, D.C., to make our visa renewal applications in person. Then, we can finally get on a plane to Cape Town! Woohoo!

We invite you to pray with us that God will provide the funding needed to return to South Africa, for a smooth transition to being a family of four, and that we will see God's hand in ministry even as we serve from afar.

Our primary need is for monthly giving. Please ask the Lord with us for 40 families to partner with us financially for $50/mon.